The principal function of a CEO is ensuring that yearly elections run smoothly. Some of the responsibilities of the CEO are: to hire poll clerks, collect nomination forms, meet candidates before elections (to discuss process and rules), count ballots, and etc.. If interested, please email with a cover letter and a CV. THIS IS A PAID POSITION.

Deadline to apply is March 6th.

FASA’s SPG Deadline is Coming Up!


Just a friendly reminder that our SPG deadline is coming up fast. You’ve got 5 days!


MARK YOUR CALENDARS: FASA’s SPG deadline is coming up! Only 11 days left.






Office Hours from Nov. 25 to Dec. 2


Here are our office hours for the next two weeks:

Tuesday, November 25
No one will be in the office today.

Wednesday, November 26
Leyla: 11-2

Thursday, November 27
Catherine: 11-1
Kristina: 3:30-6
Jeremy: 1-5

Friday, November 28
Jeremy: 1-5

Monday, December 1
Catherine: 3-5
Jeremy: 12-4

Tuesday, December 2
Leyla: 12-2
Jeremy: 12-4
Kristina: 4-5

Sophy will not be in the office for the next two weeks, but you are always welcome to e-mail her at if need be!

Have an excellent winter vacation, everyone! :D

Reaction to Action Plans for General Meeting on November 17th, 2014


Below are the coordinator’s reactions to their Fall 2014 action plans. The fine arts student body will vote on whether or not to grant each coordinator their full honorarium for the fall semester based on the work they’ve completed so far, which is described below. This vote will take place at the General Meeting on November 17th, at 6PM in VA 245. There, you can also voice any concerns or issues you have with these reactions.

Jeremy Blinkhorn

General Coordinator

RE-Action Plan November 2014



Many events have transpired throughout this semester that caused me to alter the duties and roles that I needed to complete to help the other Coordinators keep FASA running.

Along with the daily and weekly roles that needed to be done within the General Coordinator position, I, along side of the other Coordinators, have taken on the duties of the Finance Coordinator as well as the Bookkeeper.

Throughout September and half of October, I started formatting and making changes to the Annexes. The changes that I had made were specific to the Special Project Grants, and the Financial Annex. Annex B and C are in the current process of being modified. I have not looked or made any preparations to change the by-laws at this moment, as other tasks within FASA are more pressing. The remaining changes to the By-laws and Annexes will be made in collaboration with Kristina (Clubs and Service Coordinator).

The COI Grant has been completed, and reimbursement of $5000 is underway. There have been minor hiccups receiving invoices from different organizations.

My office hours changed, from Monday to Friday, so that there would be a consistent presence within the office.

The personal initiatives that I had mentioned in my action plan have and are being completed, with the exception of the Pumpkin Carving contest on the VA Lawn.

Kristina Parker

Clubs and Services Coordinator

RE-Action Plan November 2014



Coming to the close of a fast paced semester, I am content that my involvement in FASA during times of some change, have fulfilled the roles of Clubs and Services and more. Most of the actions described in the Action plan, including the regular daily activities, attending office hours and establishing clubs and community projects for this year have been accomplished. There are a few notes to change, and new goals for the upcoming semester.

In 6.0 b, the section regarding personal initiatives outside of the Clubs and Services role, I outlined a plan for a cigarette waste brigade to be initiated at the VA. Upon discussion with the EHS and maintenance department, this involves a significant commitment of extra involvement from staff, and the current system diverts cigarettes from the waste stream. To date, the decision has been to postpone this project idea, pending further research that it has a significant environmental impact and student backing for success.

I would like to add to my timeline and goals within my coordinator position, the intention to help Jeremy Blinkhorn, the General coordinator, in reviewing FASA by-laws and annexes. As a member of the SAF Board of Directors and Governance committee, I have been in the position of reviewing and updating the by-laws and governance documents for another Concordia fee-levy group. This experience will help me in offering concrete advice and recommendations in the review of FASA’s governance material. I hope that changes instituted can help solidify the structure of FASA as an organization and maintain the democratic structure through transparent policies and power in the hands of members.

Along with the other coordinators, I have volunteered to help out in the undertaking of some of the bookkeeper’s responsibilities.

Sophy Johnston

External Communications Coordinator

RE-Action Plan November 2014



I have completed all tasks as outlined in 1.1, except for a specific point in 2.3 in where I said I would place the External’s e-mail onto the McGill and UQAM’s fine arts mailing list. I have not done that, though various students from McGill have reached out to me with their call-outs. I would like to continue these communications and furthering the connection between McGill, UQAM, and Concordia by letting students from the other universities know I can advertise for them, if they so desire. Because I am not sure whether putting the External’s e-mail on these other listservs is an effective way of reaching out to these universities, I plan on doing instead creating communications between these universities by contacting the non-Concordia students who have already been in contact with me and asking them how I can further my involvement in the respective university’s fine arts department.

I also completed part of 3.0. I was not able to find out about any possible memberships FASA still has with any galleries or artist run centers. I was able, however, to speak with the English Language Arts Network in Québec and FASA is hoping to become their member by the end of this year.

I have fulfilled all my other goals for this semester as outlined in my Fall 2014 action plan.

I tried organizing yoga sessions in the office, but only one student showed up out of the four time slots that we offered. I might try to reinitiate this next semester now that there is more space in the office.

We have not yet hosted a movie night in the office, but I believe we are planning to do so very soon. We have already asked students on the Facebook page what kind of movies they’d like to watch, so it’s just a matter of scheduling which Friday night we’d do that.

I have also gotten in contact with various organization. One organization, the Contemporary Art Galleries Association, has offered us to hand out their art books that were made after their Contemporary Art Fair called Feature in Toronto during October. I will be passing out these books at the General Meeting. We are hoping to get more so stop by the office if you want extra ones! And/or let me know if you’d like a box of your own; the organization has plenty more left and they are looking to give them away for free! I have offered to go pick up the rest of the boxes with my car, which I am hoping to have done this weekend (Nov. 15 or 16), and am hoping to have the help of one coordinator.

I have been in contact with Amber Berson, who has suggested FASA does a collaboration project with the SBC galerie d’art contemporain about art history writing workshops. Though I have not been able to clearly figure out what kind of collaboration FASA would have with them just yet, I do plan on continuing this conversation into the next year.

Another organization I have been in contact with is the English Language Arts Network. They have asked FASA to become one of their members. This would be decided on at the upcoming general meeting. Having FASA become a member with them allows FASA to benefit from their member benefits as well as allowing us the opportunity to talk about this membership with fine arts students. Ask me questions about this if you have any.

I also ended up training our new secretary, Nicole Lee, on October 10th.

Along with the other coordinators, I have volunteered to help out in the undertaking of some of the bookkeeper’s responsibilities, specifically in terms of doing data entry.

Next semester, I will continue to follow all of my regular job regulations, including attending office hours, sending out the newsletter and updating the website and Facebook page, as well as attending all coordinator and BoD meetings.

On top of this, I am trying to rework the newsletter to make it shorter and more efficient. I think including most events on the website calendar rather than the newsletter will be a better option, and have the newsletter mainly sent out for FASA-specific news and job/volunteer opportunities and call-outs.

I hope to also make movie/video game night a more regular event next semester, as well as potentially bringing back yoga sessions into the office. We shall see!

Catherine Fournier-Poirier

Internal Communications Coordinator

RE-Action Plan November 2014



What I did during the previous months :

  • I have attended all Fine Arts Faculty Council Meetings, Conseil régional de l’ASSÉ  Montréal and ASSÉ congress.
  • I have been elected General Coordinator or the CRAM and been filling tasks related to that.
  • I have updated the binder containing all of our previous minutes in the Fine Arts Reading Room.
  • I have reviewed all of our previous minutes and made a Book of Resolutions containing all of our effective motions.
  • I have recruited people for the Dream Team, but I then realised that if we have no resolutions to work with, the Dream Team cannot take any initiatives. Resolutions will then be brought up to this upcoming GA. The Dream Team should then be more active next semester.
  • I have helped with social media communications and the new newsletter.

What I plan to do next :

  • Make sure the members and coordinators are more aware of the political issues affecting fine arts students and that debates about those issues occurs between the coordinators and between members.
  • Make sure we follow up more on our past and future resolutions.
  • Make sure the Robert’s Rules and the principles of direct democracy are well understood and followed by everyone.
  • Increase the democratic quality of our assemblies by making sure the chair is well trained and receives good feedback, the Robert’s Rules are physically available to the members and make sure the absence of a Moodwatcher doesn’t affect the well-being of our members.
  • Officially build up the Dream Team and organize concrete actions (reflecting our resolutions)
  • Have more FASA delegates sitting on ASSÉ meetings.
  • Help out as much as I can with the tasks of the bookkeeper.

Leyla Sutherland

Student Life Coordinator

RE-Action Plan November 2014



This semester has been fast paced and busy, however I feel that after orientation we regained our footing fairly well despite being short one Coordinator. The COI grant post mortem is almost complete (as of the 10th).

The office has been visited by some students and we now have a little coffee station to entice people. I am hoping to purchase food more regularly, in order to keep the office a place students can be. The newly organized office will also allow us to hold more events within our space.

I have been participating in an academic round table in order to build a campus compass workshop for next year’s academic VPs for all of Concordia’s student associations as well as the CSU.

I have also been actively promoting and helping with the Student Congress, occurring on November 20th.

I am also holding the therapy dog session, as talked about in my action plan, which will be occurring on the 19th of November.

I have been holding regular office hour, meeting with students and attending BOD and Coordinator meetings.

I also sat on the SPG jury and had a very good experience, and feel ready to take more of a leadership role next semester.

Along with the other coordinators, I have volunteered to help out in the undertaking of some of the bookkeeper’s responsibilities.

November 17th General Meeting Agenda


Below is the agenda for our General Meeting on November 17th, at 6PM in VA 245. We hope to see you all there!

1.0 Amend the Agenda

2.0 Approve the Agenda

3.0 Finance Coordinator

4.0 Dismissal of Bookkeeper

5.0 Café X

6.0 Approval of Budget

7.0 Coordinator Re-Action Plans

8.0 Honorarium approval

9.0 Student Congress

10.0 Chancellor of the University

11.0 ASSÉ Report

12.0 Austerity

13.0 Spring 2015

14.0 Lecture Series

15.0 ELAN Affiliation

16.0 Miscellaneous

17.0 Reports

18.0 Adjournment

FASA General Meeting Coming Up!



Upcoming FASA General Meeting! We’ll be voting on important topics like strikes, finances, and operations governing FASA. Please come!

New Dean of Students Survey


The Faculty of Fine Arts is in the process of hiring a new Dean of Fine Arts, and they are looking for feedback from students, faculty and staff. If you have a moment to spare, please complete this confidential survey before Thursday, November 13
For more details about the hiring process, you can read the Concordia NOW news item ( or get in touch with Theatre and Development student Ned Zimmerman, who is representing undergraduate students on the hiring committee.

FASA is in need of a Finance Coordinator!


This type of position is what galleries look for on one’s CV when applying for positions such as: Gallery Attendant, Gallery Director, etc..


- the development of policies related to Special Project Grants

- assisting with Special Project Grant reimbursements

- FASA’s spending activities

- the year end financial report

- researching potential funding opportunities

This is a paid position, the Finance Coordinator will receive a $500 honorarium for December and $1500 for the Winter semester.

E-mail your application with a CV and letter of intent or send questions to Get applying!

Deadline to apply: November 14th, 2014