Anual General meeting 2014

FASA is hosting its Annual General meeting in the second floor lounge of the VA! Come join us for some food, wine, and raffle prizes! Also present will be lovely piano music from the lovely Eric Mayhew, a passionate cat lover, pretend seamstress, pointless explorer, perennial student. Oh, and pianist (sometimes).

The meeting will go over the many events Fasa was involved in in this past year.The general meeting is a great opportunity for those that want to get involved in student associations to learn more about the form and function of FASA.

Raffle prizes will include gift cards, archival pens, delicious candy etc, all held in FASA’s new, totally awesome, tote bags!

Afterwards, there will be an after-party at brutopia!
We hope to see all your lovely faces!

Proposed Agenda
Reaction Plans
Bylaw and Annex Changes
Minutes to ratify

Club End of Year Reports 

Anual General meeting 2014




Anual General meeting 2014

presented by the Concordia Fibres Student Association


Vernissage: Saturday, April 5, 5-8 pm…

Work by April Martin, Hope Phillips, Rebecca Smyth, Isabel Prado Caro, and Veronique Tremblay.

Jury Chloé Grondeau- Diagonale Centre D’artistes jake moore- FOFA Gallery Emily Hermant- Faculty, Fibres and Material Practices

Part of festival en avril fibre/textile/art

“Texture … in its fullest sense belongs to neither the contents of our minds apart from the world nor the world apart from us…” – Jonathan Weidenbaum

The body and its tools, the senses, are an interface between the inner world of consciousness– intellectual and emotional responses, and the outer world of space and sensory stimulation.



Attawapiskat Is No Exception.

Anual General meeting 2014

Concordia University’s Department of Theatre is preparing for the debut of their production Attawapiskat Is No Exception, an original play conceived in response to 2011’s housing crisis at the Attawapiskat reserve in northern Ontario. A collaboration between Floyd Favel, Cree theatre maker and playwright, and Ursula Neuerburg-Denzer, assistant professor of theatre and the play’s director, Attawapiskat Is No Exception will run from Wednesday, April 2 to Sunday, April 6 at Concordia’s D.B. Clarke Theatre.

Attawapiskat is no exception

The play is influenced by the historical events and cultural practices of three northern First Nations communities: the Sayisi Dene of Manitoba; Lake St. Martin, Manitoba; and Attawapiskat Cree Nation. It draws attention to the problems surrounding living conditions on northern First Nations Reserves, and enacts the troubled relationship between native leaders and non-native policy makers. Sound design, original songs composed by Concordia alumnus Ralph Denzer, pre-filmed and live-feed projections in addition to the well rounded familiar design elements (set, costume, lights and props) will help frame this representation of a story not familiar enough to many audience members.

Broad-based research about First Nations issues was carried out by all participants in the early stages of collaboration during the fall semester. Students involved in the production took a required course about First Nations dramaturgy, co-taught by Favel and Neuerburg-Denzer. In addition, Karl Hele, chair of First Peoples Studies at Concordia, gave an in-depth lecture on land rights, and participation in such activities as a visit to Kahnawake’ s Cultural Center, Mc Gill’s First Peoples Week, and the March for the Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women aided students in their research.

First Nations theatre is a new research field for Neuerburg-Denzer, whose area of study has focused extensively on emotion studies for performers. “Through the research and creation of Attawapiskat is No Exception, I expressly aim to help conserve and develop knowledge specific to Canada’s First People” she says, “so that the relations between native and non-native individuals and groups might be improved.” Floyd Favel is a theatre and dance (contemporary and native traditional) director, performer, writer and teacher from Poundmaker Reserve in Saskatchewan. He is currently in writing and co-producing a feature length film, Sweet Cherry Wine, that will be performed entirely in Cree.

There will be a roundtable discussion after Saturday’s matinee performance about the issues raised by “Attawapiskatt” and the ways the performance addresses the intersection between aboriginal and “western” playmaking strategies, including the special responsibilities of a predominantly non-native co-creative team. The roundtable will be moderated by M.J. Thompson (Art Education) with Floyd Favel, Ursula Neuerburg-Denzer, Karl Hele, Anik Sioui and Emilie Monnet of Odaya Drum Group, Chelsea Vowel (activist blogger and Cree instructor) and the student actors Tyson Houseman and Brefny Caribou-Curtin.

A talk back session with the cast and designers will take place directly following the Friday night show.

When: April 2 to 5 at 8pm, April 5 and 6 at 2 pm Where: D.B. Clarke Theatre (1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. West) Tickets: $10 regular, $5 student. Available at the door or in advance by emailing with your name, phone number, number of tickets requested, and the date and time of performance

Deadline for SPG Receipts is coming up!

Anual General meeting 2014

Next week, April 2nd is the deadline for handing in the receipts for the winter SPGs.

Final deadline for handing in invoices is today, March 26th.

Fine Arts Faculty Council

Anual General meeting 2014

Fine Arts Faculty Council – Undergraduate Student Representation 2014-2015

Per the motion passed at the January 17th 2014 Fine Arts Faculty Council meeting, Council members for 2014-2015 must be nominated and elected by the April Council meeting for ratification. This requires that student representatives sitting on Faculty Council in September be finalized early in the year.

Currently, the composition of Fine Arts Faculty Council includes “Six undergraduate students to be selected by the CSU from the various constituencies within the Faculty of Fine Arts”. The term is for one year. Please provide us with the names, student ID numbers, and contact information of the six undergraduate representatives who will serve on Faculty Council as well as which one of the six will serve on Faculty Council Steering Committee by April 4th, 2014. Note: Pending Board of Governors approval in April, the number will be reduced to five undergraduate student representatives.

As background information, the current undergraduate student representatives whose term ends on May 31st are: Katrina Caruso, Naakita Feldman-Kiss, Eli John Kerr, and Aditi Ohri.

Faculty Council meets approximately nine times per academic year, from September to mid-May, and is scheduled on Friday mornings from 9:30-12:00 (a schedule will be sent to members later this summer). Steering Committee meets for no longer than one hour and its mandate is to:
- Consider and recommend the agenda for Council meetings;
- Review resolutions and recommendations submitted to Council;
- Ensure that reports and recommendations arising out of different standing committees of Council are submitted in a form permitting effective debate;
- Monitor the work of the standing committees of Council;
- Prepare such reports and other documentation as Council may require of it;
- Make any recommendations to Council that it judges appropriate.

Support Gender Advocacy!

Anual General meeting 2014

Hello wonderful volunteers and members of the Centre!

As many of you know, we here at the Centre for Gender Advocacy are
currently in the midst of a campaign to increase our student fee levy
by 8 cents, from $0.29 to $0.37, to enable us to continue providing
the services and organizing the events that we do! The vote happens
March 25-27th.

A little more info!



We rely on the help of volunteers to get the word out about this
particular endeavour, as we do many others! Over the past week, many
of our members have taken part in our ongoing Facebook selfie “I need
the Centre for Gender Advocacy because” campaign (scroll down on our
group page to see the posts):

If you’d like to support the Centre in this way, and get your own word
out about why the Centre for Gender Advocacy is important to you, it
would be so very appreciated! Also, we can almost guarantee that the
world hasn’t seen enough of your face yet!

All you have to do is make a sign of your own that starts with the
words “I need the Centre for Gender Advocacy because…” and snap a
photo. Then you can simply post it to the above Facebook group page!

We hope to see many more of your beautiful faces gracing our page soon!


New Exhibition space for Rent in the Belgo

Anual General meeting 2014


POPOP is a rental space in the Belgo ( Montreal ) that invites visual artists, galerists, curators or group of artists to come and exhibit their work.

POPOP is an independent space managed by CIRCA that presents emerging and established practices that enroll into the professional world of contemporary art.

All the profits made from the renting will go back directly to CIRCA !

Price: $ 500 / week

Send the following documents at
-Dates from Monday to Sunday inc (please consult the reservation calendar on the Facebook page) The space is rented for a one week length minimum.
-CV, artist statement and images of the work
-Website including CV, artist statement and images of the work

Facebook page :


Anual General meeting 2014


What’s ASSÉ?

The lovely people at the FASA Dream Team have put together a video explaining the purpose of ASSÉ and why it matters to you: view it here.

ASSÉ’s seven core principles
1. For a free, public, quality, secular, and accessible education;
2. For an adequate financial aid system, with the aim of eliminating student debt and ensuring fundamental needs are met;
3. For a public education system free from all private business interference – including but not limited to, sub-contracting;
4. For the democratization of educational institutions in the perspective of self-management;
5. In solidarity with all progressive international struggles aimed at the betterment of society;
6. Against all forms of globalization which reinforce the dominance of profits over people;
7. For a combative feminism, aiming the abolition of patriarchy, against all forms of oppression and discrimination

Regrouping ourselves at a provincial level with student associations holding positions similar to ours allows us to :
-Unite our energy and resources
-Arrive at collective strategies determined democratically
-Consolidate greater strength in defending our positions before the government

Concretely, this means:
-Active participation in the elaboration of common demands and action plans;
-Participation in a process of direct democracy favoring local General Assemblies which at all times remain independent;
-Seeing through information and mobilisation campaigns province-wide while equitably sharing costs;
-Seeking the support and experience of other student associations in order to better organise locally;
-An organisation that remains transparent and encourages the participation of its members;
-The potential to use strategies relying on force in numbers;
-To develop a long term vision in our defense of the right to education

Want more info on ASSÉ? Visit their website at:


Anual General meeting 2014


Join us on Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 at 7:00PM/19h00 for a fun night of good food, great company and incredible artwork! It is our FINAL Vernissage for the 2014 year, lets celebrate a successful year one last time!

The show will run from Monday March 17th 2014 – Friday April 4, 2014! Featuring the works of Jordan Christenson

Co-Curators: Kristen Ahmad-Gawel and Katy Benedict

VA Building Concordia University RM #229
1395 René-Lévesque Blvd. Ouest
Montreal, Quebec H3G 2M5

Facebook event page
Jordan Christenson

Herb and Dorothy 50X50

Anual General meeting 2014

Join FASA in the Montreal premiere of Megumi Sasaki’s new film, Herb and Dorothy 50X50 on Friday, March 14th 6pm @ EV 1.605
Trailer for Herb and Dorothy:
Seating is free to all Concordia students.

Hope to see you all there.