Position Callouts at FASA

FASA is now hiring an Adjunct to the Coordinators! Applications are due May 5th.

Proposed By-Law Edits 2015

You can find the edits to the by-laws that will be proposed at our April 14th Annual General Meeting here.

AGM Date and Location Change

The date and location of FASA’s upcoming Annual General Meeting have changed. It will now be held on April 14th in the VAV Gallery. Same time and same agenda, however ;-)

We hope to see you all there!


Update from the FASA Coordinators Concerning the AGM Date Change

On Saturday April 4th, the Coordinators received a formal complaint, requesting that the AGM be moved in order to follow the appropriate mobilization requirements stipulated in the bylaws.

The Coordinators recognize this complaint and in response have moved the date to Tuesday, April 14th at 6pm in the VAV Gallery.

We thank the members for bringing this to our attention and we hope to see all members at the AGM.


FASA’s 2014/2015 Coordinator’s RE-ACTION to ACTION PLANS April 2015

The coordinator’s reaction plans can be found here.

FASA’s Upcoming AGM is on April 14th!

FASA would like to kindly invite you to our Annual General Meeting! It will be starting at 6pm in the VAV Gallery. Check out the poster below for the agenda (meaning what will be discussed at the meeting). **The coordinator reaction plans can be found here**


Our candidacy period has been extended until April 2nd!

Check out the event here for more information.

This Event is Happening Tomorrow (March 23rd)! Please Come!!

Everything you ever wanted to know about the strike is happening tomorrow (March 23rd)!

Event details:

All Undergrad Fine Arts classes are cancelled on Monday, March 23rd!

As a result, we are planning a day of discussions, movies, art making, and actions!


10am – EV 1.605 
Discussion between teachers, the Faculty of Fine Arts, and FASA students about austerity, Concordia University and the strike. Everyone is welcome to attend.

1pm – FOFA Gallery 
Discussion between students. *See the complete description below. 
(Will be moved to EV 1.605 depending on attendance)

2pm – Library Atrium
Concordia Strike Demo

4pm – FOFA Gallery
Mob Squad Meeting followed by informal beer

10am to 6pm – EV 1.615
Political film screenings

10am to 6pm – Outside of the FOFA Gallery
Art making, workshops, and actions!

*Subject to change


The Fine Arts Student Alliance, alongside the FASA Mob Squad, wishes to create a space where open dialogue, discussion, and information sessions can be held, to maintain a dialogue between faculty members, the student population as well as the student representatives from FASA.

There is a general lack of awareness regarding many issues on student politics, and we wish to offer an information session on the topic of student association, their structure, and the functioning of General Meetings. This session will cover a history of student associations’ movements, as well as a review of the internal mechanics of the meetings, be they annual or special. We will look at Robert’s Rules of Order, which “provides common rules and procedures for deliberation and debate in order to place the whole membership on the same footing and speaking the same language”.1

The Strike tactic is often discussed and we would like to take this opportunity to look at past strike movements, especially student strike movements in Québec, and look at the gain that has resulted from these collective movements. This session will look at different benefits that were acquired, or maintained, when unions, alliances or associations throughout history resolved to go on strike.
A third panel will focus on austerity measures. This word is circulating a lot, and we wish to use this time to have a thorough look at what it means, where it comes from, how it affects the population, and what rationales are used by the governments to justify their choices. This is a vast and complex subject, and we will keep the focus on the ways these cuts are affecting the education system in particular, while considering that these measures are part of a plan to completely reform the size, role, and form of the Québec governing instance.

We will hold informal sessions of discussions, questions, and debates. These sessions will be presided by a neutral moodwatcher whose main concern is to keep the discussion respectful, relevant, and constructive. Speaking turns will be taken, with alternating genders if need be. This is also a way to approach the type and the structure of discussions and debates that are held during general meetings, in conformity to Robert’s Rule.

Candidacy for the Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA) Coordinator Committee Is Now Open!

Amidst all this news about strike, we would like to announce that we will now be starting our elections process for the voting of next year’s FASA coordinators!

What is FASA all about?
The Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA) have been a great source of support for Concordia’s Fine Arts students, from financing to promotion, from community to individuals, it is a truly valuable resources for all of us!
For further information check out FASA’s website at

FASA is now looking for candidates for the 2015-2016 Coordinator Committee. Why should you run?
1. Is it a PAID position, so you get to make some extra money as you’re studying, expected weekly hours: 4 hours in office, 2-3 hours out of office of going to meeting and checking emails.
2. You will be able to make a real, tangible difference in people’s lives by participating in and nurturing Concordia’s Fine Arts community.
3. Perhaps I don’t need to say this BUT! This will look AMAZING on your CV

Positions available:
General Coordinator
Internal Communications Coordinator
External Communications Coordinator
Clubs and Services Coordinator
Student Life Coordinator
Finance Coordinator


If you’re interested in running, what do you need to do? It’s simple!
1 – Stop by the FASA office (in VA 025) to pick up a candidacy form.
2 – Get 25 FINE ARTS STUDENTS to sign this form.
3 – Drop off this form in the FASA office by April 2nd.
4 – If you’d like to put up posters in support of your campaign, feel free to do so, but it MUST be after April 2nd!
5 – You MUST take down your posters before the polling dates, which start on April 7th and end on April 8th, and will take place in the EV, VA, and MB.
6 – Results will be officially revealed on April 9th.

Check out the event below for more information on the elections and make sure to like Fine Arts Student Alliance – FASA – Coordinator Committee Elections for updates on who will be running!

Feel free to send an e-mail to if you have any questions.


PDF Call for the Coordinators Committee-page-001

FASA’s Second Special General Meeting on Strike

FASA April 1 SGM

At the CSU Lounge (H-Building 7th floor) 
Registration starts at 5pm
Meeting starts at 6pm

We invite you to debate and vote on whether or not FASA will be continuing the strike after April 2nd. 

Everyone is welcome to voice their concerns and opinions. There will be a Moodwatcher at the meeting who will ensure that the meeting is run smoothly and without any extreme emotions. If you ever feel uncomfortable voicing your opinion or concerns at the meeting, the Moodwatcher is available to receive texts during the meeting. These texts will be shared in your place, all the while respecting your privacy.

See you there!

Motion passed at the last SGM on March 12th :

WHERE AS the student members of the Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA), hereafter named “members” recognize the implications to their education imposed by austerity measures and the trend of privatization in the financial models of postsecondary education,

WHERE AS Concordia University has suffered more than 15.7 million dollars in budget cuts under the Liberal Government’s new Austerity Measures Act that imposes over 172 million dollars in cuts to education.

WHERE AS the Faculty of Fine Arts has suffered under these budget cuts in the form of reduction in quality of education due to increased class size and reduced TA positions, increased workload of employees and faculty, loss of “non¬critical” positions in Health Services, Custodial and Sustainability Positions as well as unknown loss to the department directly.

WHERE AS FASA members recognize the need for transparent and open discussions around austerity measures and budget cuts, alongside standing in solidarity with faculty, workers, and other student associations who suffer austerity measures and budget cuts within the realm of education.

WHERE AS FASA members acknowledge the right to education and the importance in taking steps including but not limited to strike mandates, open discussion, mediation and solidarity to resist budget cuts to their education.

WHERE AS FASA members feel it appropriate to deliberate upon adopting strike tactics to increase pressure on both the provincial government and Concordia university administration to block aforementioned austerity measures, following the lead of various other associations, alliances, and federations, including but not limited to SoPhiA, the SCPA, LAS, AFESH, ASSÉ, and the affinity group Comité Printemps 2015, and joining over 125 000 students province wide considering looking ahead to a general strike.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Fine Arts Student Alliance and its members vote in favor of two (2) one day (1 day) strikes effective between the hours of 12:01 AM on and ending at 11:59 PM on both March 23rd and April 2nd.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT as result of this mandate, all classes qualified under FASA within the effective dates will be disrupted. In the objective of cancelling classes and/or preventing classes to happen.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT in voting in favour of striking, members emphatically support the Manifestation Nationale contre un autre budget d’austérité, organized by the Association pour une Solidarité Syndicale Étudiante (ASSÉ) on April 2nd.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT if 30,000+ Quebec students and 2+ other student associations at Concordia university have declared a strike for April 2nd, then FASA’s strike mandate will renew and a special GA will be called for the evening of April 1st to deliberate upon the continuation of FASA’s undergraduate involvement in the strike movement.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT FASA stand in solidarity with teacher facing academic measures for not giving classes according to FASA strike decision.